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Nitex International, LLC.

Nitex International, LLC. an existing Texas Limited Liability Company filling Federal Taxes as a C-corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by the Founder and Principal Engineer of AscenTrust, LLC., will be used as the custodian of the Funds for the Lake Charles, Pelican Bay Refinery Project. The refinery project will consists of the acquisition and re-furbishing of a 55,000 Barrel Per Day refinery in Lake Charles Louisiana. It will initially also consist of the licensing and construction of a 44MWe, LM-6000, GE gas turbine power plant.This power plant will be used to provide the power for the refinery. In addition we will also establish ourselves as an IPP (Independent Power Producer in the State of Louisiana. As the refinery project moves forward we will be expanding the capacity license for the refinery to 160,000 Barrels per day.